Grace & Peace: Two of the Greatest Gifts

As I mentioned last week, I've been reading through the book of Philippians. Right in the opening, Paul writes, "May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace." Normally that would be a verse I would skim over and not pay much thought to. It's just a standard greeting, right? … Continue reading Grace & Peace: Two of the Greatest Gifts


On Stress & Resting in God

The past couple weeks since classes have started back have been absolutely insane. With classwork, organizations I'm part of, and other obligations I have outside of school, there's been a bucket-load of stress. I've hardly had any time to just rest, and I always seem to be treading water, just trying to keep my head above the … Continue reading On Stress & Resting in God

Humbled Before Jesus

It's far too easy for the Gospel to get watered down, especially when you live in the Bible belt. For much of my life, I held nothing more than a watered down view of Jesus. To me, it was common knowledge that Jesus had died on the cross, and that He rose again, bringing salvation to all who believed in Him. It was as good as fact.

What’s In A Name

Recently, I've been loving the worship songs that are all about the name of Jesus. Songs like "What A Beautiful Name It Is" and "Worthy Of Your Name." It's probably because they're so full of and focused on Jesus that they tend to be some of my go-to worship songs. But listening to them has got me thinking. They each place an emphasis on Jesus' name. Might seem a little odd, right? So, I figured it would be fun to dive into the names of Jesus and just how they proclaim his glory.