Do I Need a Checklist to Follow God?

Two weeks ago, my latest article for my Road Less Traveled column at Pursue Magazine was published. Here’s a little snippet. Be sure to click through to Pursue’s site to read the rest!

When I want to spend daily time with God, I usually form a plan to make that happen. Good, right? But all too soon, my plan becomes a checklist that I must follow.

Read the Bible? Check.

Pray? Check.

Go to church? Check.

When I have that mentality, I’m so worried with checking things off my to-do list that I oftentimes forget to really spend time with God.

It’s one thing to say that I read the Bible today. It’s another thing to know in my heart that I truly took time to meditate on what that passage had to say, learn from God’s Word, and listen—really listen—to God.

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