Reborn From the Ashes of Sin

Set apart. Holy. No longer slaves to sin. Different from the rest of the world because of Christ. 

This is our calling as Christians, but what happens when we slip off our set apart path? What happens when we trip and find ourselves falling back into the ways of the world?

The Bible says that by accepting Christ, we are putting to death the old sinful self and taking on a new life in Christ. We are dead to sin and alive in Christ. It’s beautiful, but that can also seem like a lot of pressure when we aren’t made completely perfect until we meet Jesus face to face in heaven.

So how do we recover when we slip up and fall into sin? 

I’m not talking the little things that can happen day to day. I’m talking the stuff that keeps us up at night, the sin that constantly nags at us, that we’ve repented of and vowed never to do again but which guilt just can’t seem to let us forget about.

How do we move on? How do we accept the forgiveness and renewal that Christ has offered to us when all we’re consumed with is shame?

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