No Place for Pride: An Example From Priscilla and Aquila

By a show of hands (metaphorically, just bear with me), how many of you have heard of - and could tell me about - Priscilla and Aquila? Probably not many of you. And before you get too ashamed, let me just come out and say that I couldn't have either before two Sundays ago (one Sunday ago as I'm writing this, but it's being scheduled in advance :P).


The Gift of the Sabbath: On Taking Time to Rest in God

I'm a busy person, you're a busy person, we're all busy people. We all seem to have an endless to-do list, and countless commitments. If it isn't schoolwork or actual work, it's chores, clubs, organizations, or other commitments. Our days tend to be pretty packed. It might be crazy to suggest that we take a chunk of time out of our day to simply rest and be with the Lord.

Humbled Before Jesus

It's far too easy for the Gospel to get watered down, especially when you live in the Bible belt. For much of my life, I held nothing more than a watered down view of Jesus. To me, it was common knowledge that Jesus had died on the cross, and that He rose again, bringing salvation to all who believed in Him. It was as good as fact.