Time is of the Essence: Make the Most of Waiting

I hate waiting. Hate it. I don't like waiting to find out what I made on that essay I just turned in. I don't like waiting to find out if I got accepted for that scholarship. I don't like waiting for that trip we have planned for the summer. It's the worst, really. I'm so set on that thing that is to come, but it isn't here yet, and there's nothing I can do about it.


Let Go And Let God

Y'all, I'm an over thinker. Big time. I'll stress about the tiniest details of a project right before I turn it in-did we describe that one section well enough? And don't even get me started on my interactions with people. Primarily people I don't know that well.

Defined By Christ’s Love

Sometimes it's all too easy for me to yearn for approval from others. I just want those girls to like me and to actually want to hang out with me. Or I just want a boy to express interest in me. And when I don't get those things, though I might not admit it, even to myself, I feel rejected, less than, inferior.