Let Go And Let God

Y’all, I’m an over thinker. Big time. I’ll stress about the tiniest details of a project right before I turn it in-did we describe that one section well enough? And don’t even get me started on my interactions with people. Primarily people I don’t know that well.

Defined By Christ’s Love

Sometimes it’s all too easy for me to yearn for approval from others. I just want those girls to like me and to actually want to hang out with me. Or I just want a boy to express interest in me. And when I don’t get those things, though I might not admit it, even to myself, I feel rejected, less than, inferior.

Have An Intentional Faith

Setting aside time to pray and meditate on Scriptures is a way to submit ourselves to God’s hand. It’s our way of saying, “Yes, I choose to follow You, God. I always choose to follow You. I want to know more about You. Show me Your Word, Your Truth, Your Light. Work in my life.”